Operation of machines and devices

We develop innovative systems for machines and equipment used to control industrial processes. Our offer includes systems with e.g. PLCs, communications modules or an operator interface.

Our machines do more than just “get the job done”. We program the controllers in constant consultation with customers and their employees, taking care of ergonomic use of the machine and the safety of operators during its operation.


Redundant and dispersed control systems

At the customer’s request, we implement PLCs in a redundant configuration, i.e. double-protected.


What are redundant control systems?

When one of the controllers stops working properly, the other takes over its role for the time necessary for the first one to be restored to its pre-failure state. The process data is recorded on both controllers at the same time, so the control is taken over smoothly from one device to another. This eliminates the risk of breaks in production and, in turn, financial losses.


We provide solutions allowing for effective data exchange between individual communication points.

The increasing use of Ethernet leads to the desired integration of many devices: e.g. controllers, HMI panels, gauges, scales, meters located in the production plant or within one machine. A controller equipped with an extended package of information from such devices can manage the operation of a machine or production line even more efficiently.

In addition to the use of data from individual devices for internal purposes, the collection of process data on external computers and their subsequent processing can also play a significant role in increasing the efficiency of a plant.  Production data can also be used to monitor the performance and availability of individual machines in the production plant.