Robotised palletisation

Continuous, timely flow of products is the basis for a well-functioning production cycle. Robotised palletisation, a process normally involving repetitive work, heavy workload and monotony, provides guaranteed benefits for you, e.g.:

  • higher effectiveness and efficiency of production;
  • work safety;
  • reduction of production costs.

We prepare our palletisation lines on the basis of a client needs analysis. We create solutions with a view to development plans and the ability to quickly adjust the palletisation line to changing production requirements.


Check out our projects!

  • ArcelorMittal Syców – boxes palletisation;
  • Walstead – newspapers palletisation;
  • Georg UTZ – crates palletisation;
  • Georg UTZ – mouldings palletisation.


Robotised machine operation

Robotised machine operation covers a wide range of processes, and its correct implementation requires us to use advanced software options and a complex implementation algorithm to fully meet your needs.

The basis for the correct robotisation of machine operation is the correct configuration of the station, as well as the development of an interface for data exchange between the robot and the machine. All of that in order to shorten the work time to the minimum and improve the efficiency of work.


We robotise e.g.:

  • press brakes;
  • injectors;
  • casting machines;
  • CNC machines (lathes, milling cutters, bending machines).


Robotised welding

Welding is one of the most common processes to be subjected to robotisation; it is used in both large and smaller production plants.


What are your advantages coming from robotised welding?

  • improvement of process efficiency and repeatability;
  • reduction of production costs;
  • increased quality and strength of welds, thanks to greater control over the parameters of the welding process and the weld application paths;
  • increased safety at work.


Our offer

We specialise in robotisation of MIG, MAG and TIG welding processes, as well as design and build welding equipment. We realise projects that require advanced sensors, e.g.:

  • machine vision systems;
  • laser profilers enabling measurement of joint position before off-line welding and correction of welding trajectory in real time (touch sensing, seam finding, seam tracking).


We also provide advisory services in the form of consultations and training, setting up the welding process for existing machines and adding new products.