Pallet storage

Pallet storage systems are one of the basic devices used in pallet transport systems for storage. They enable the storage and release of pallets depending on the line cycle. Pallet warehouses are used mainly in the areas of robotised palletisation; they are used in production companies, warehouses or logistic centres.


What are your advantages coming from pallet storage systems?

  • limit the involvement of the staff in the work of the line,
  • reduce the time of technological operations,
  • increase the work effectiveness,
  • improve the work safety on the production line,
  • secure the pallets from accidental damage.


Pallet conveyor systems

How to optimally, safely and timely transport pallets? Use our solutions – we design and manufacture pallet conveyor systems.

We act with full consideration of the individual needs of the client, aiming at rationalisation and improvement of internal transport, as well as taking care of employee safety.


We offer the following pallet conveyor systems:

  • roll conveyors,
  • chain conveyors,
  • roll gravity conveyors,
  • cross-linking module.


Palletising robot

We manufacture robust palletising robots, prepared for different sizes of packaging.

Thanks to the ACaRS palletising robot, equipped with appropriate components and a reliable gripping system, you will gain minimum work cycles and increase the efficiency of the palletising process.


Layer divider storage

A layer divider storage is a device used in robotised palletising systems, which is a feeder of cardboard layer dividers placed between individual layers of goods.

The layer divider storage supports and improves the work done by the robot by automatically lifting and positioning the divider relative to the gripper. The device actively accelerates the palletisation process, improving the production efficiency.

Our layer divider storages, maintained in accordance with the basic principles, are a guarantee of long life, quality, reliability and failure-free operation.