We offer various types of service work in the field of mechanics, including metalworking, welding and small metalwork.



Machining is the preparation of a material, extracting its redundant parts.

  • we machine metals and plastics using a variety of mechanical treatments, including turning, milling, grinding, chiselling and cutting
  • we use manual and CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) equipment, which, after special programming, significantly facilitates individual metalworking activities.


Welding and metalworking

We perform work related to the production and assembly of structural elements made of steel, such as parts of bridges, platforms, pipelines, machinery, fences, gates and many other fragments of larger installations, requiring them to undergo an appropriate form of welding treatment. Small metalworking services, including manual metalworking, is another element of our offer. We use methods that have a positive impact on the strength of the joints, which are additionally easy to protect against possible corrosion.